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Signs of magnesium deficiency in kids

In kids, magnesium deficiency can be caused by a number of factors. Although the main culprit is poor diet, stress and intensive exercise are added effects of magnesium deficiency. Children, who are known for being hyperactive, spend a considerable amount of energy playing outdoors. In such cases, if their diet is not proper and balanced, they become vulnerable to magnesium deficiency. It is important to know that chronic deficiency of magnesium may lead to other diseases like (type 2) diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disorders and even osteoporosis in some cases.
There are a few symptoms and behaviors through which you can make out that your child is suffering from magnesium deficiency.

  • Grumpy irritable kids: It is not only sugar that gives kids mood swings. Polite tones accompanied by sudden tantrums are signs that your kid might have some nutrient deficiency. So before acting prematurely on their moody behavior, consider reviewing your kid’s diet and determine whether supplements are necessary.
  • Unable to sleep early and cramps: If your kid complains about growing pains and cramps which keeps them up at night, or even if they wake up from their sleep complaining about stomach pains, then this might well be a result of low magnesium levels.
  • Anxiety about trivial things: Does your kid become anxious about every little thing? Does events at school with friends or even while playing with friends make them worried and excessively anxious? If yes, then such extreme behaviors are also signs of magnesium deficiency.
  • Other than these, signs such as restlessness, teeth grinding and sensitivity to noise, muscle tensions and muscle spasms are also signs of low magnesium levels.

Some supplements that can help in absorbing magnesium easily is magnesium citrate powder; you can find a powdered drink mix at many health stores. These drinks are flavored, which makes it easy for children to consume. Although you can give magnesium supplements to your kids, too much magnesium in the body can be laxative. This condition takes magnesium out of the body. If you suspect your kids have magnesium deficiency, consult a healthcare professional before giving any supplements.