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When will the IRS pay you the refund?

Everyone must be reposing after facing the stressful process of taxation. It’s high time to begin the discussion of taxation once again, but there are there millions of taxpayers who are eagerly expecting their refund checks from the internal revenue service. Still it may be hard to find out when they would actually show up in your bank account and mailbox. There is no definite and strict schedule followed by the IRS in getting people their refunds back, yet the tax agency provides some time frames that it tries to follow in getting returns and refunds. Here are few guidelines which will help you to figure out when your tax refund would arrive.

How does IRS try to get refund to you?
The IRS has managed to stick with commitments and providing the best services to achieve the goal by making 9 out of 10 refunds back to taxpayers in less than 21 days. However, they have set new rules and regulations that applies to many taxpayers which would result in delay of refunds for the earliest filers. Particularly, the new rules of IRS demand to hold back any refunds on returns that include claiming the earned income tax credit or additional child tax credit until at least February 15 after which the IRS will release the refund amount to get directly deposited to the back account in a week’s time (by February 27).

Tax refund schedule

IRS used of follow a firm schedule with which you can predict when you would receive the tax refund. This option is long gone but based on reasonable calculations of reversal of time you can approximately determine when you are likely to get a refund. You will find various speculations on the tax return refund dates online on a number of websites. This data assumes that if you e-file your return, it would take 10 days to issue a refund and four weeks to get to the IRS and get processed if it a paper return. Finally, it would take 10 days for you to receive the check by mail.

For instance, if you the date of filing is January 23, refund date in case of e-filing and direct deposit would be February 2. For mailed refund, the return date would be February 12. In case, you have done paper filing, the refund date for direct deposit would be March 2. For mailed refund, the return date would be March 13. These are tentative calculations and dates. The actual calculations may vary.