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What You Need To Know About Fiesta Dinnerware

Fiesta dinnerware was introduced in the year 1936 during the Great Depression. It has enlivened tables since then. The proprietor Homer Laughlin used the technique of single-color glazing to cut down on manufacturing costs. The Art Deco styling has concentric rings and coupe shape. Fiesta dinnerware is available in full sets and open stock. The company returned with the Fiesta line again in 1986 after discontinuing in the year 1972. Fiesta dishware is available both online as well as in retail outlets. Buyers and collectors of Fiesta dinnerware know what to look for when scouting to buy contemporary and vintage Fiesta pieces.

Using a Fiesta Dinnerware guidebook
Fiesta enthusiasts go through guidebooks to know more about this cheerful dinnerware line. Collectors authenticate every piece by referring to photographs, comparing backstamps and colors. These guidebooks have information on the year of manufacture, marks, color, and rarity. Fiesta enthusiasts always seek lids that are broken or lost. You will also find collectors to prize discontinued dishware like a turquoise onion soup bowl.

Know the vintage Fiesta colors
The company introduced the Fiesta line in green, cobalt blue, red, ivory, green, and red. The dishes were finished with semi-opaque and smooth glazes. The pieces that display uneven glaze application are called a glazed curtain. In 1937, the color turquoise made the entry in the palette. Until 1944, a little amount of uranium oxide was used to give the “radioactive red” dishes their color. The color was reintroduced in the year 1959 using depleted uranium. This practice ceased to exist in 1972. The Environmental Protection Agency has advised the people not to use vintage Fiesta dinnerware to keep food.

Major color change
The original colors introduced in this line lasted till the early 1950s. The colors green, ivory, and cobalt blue were replaced by forest, chartreuse, gray, and rose. Vibrant colors made its way again in the early 1960s before discontinuing in 1972, slowly giving passage to earth tones by 1969.

Contemporary Fiesta colors
As the original Fiesta line ceased to be manufactured in 1972, collectors began to seek these pieces as desirable vintage dishware or a nostalgic reminder. In 1986, Bloomingdale paired with Homer Laughlin to manufacture a revamped Fiesta line again. They are made using restaurant-grade ceramics that counter moisture and smells. The new dinnerware range offers lead-free glaze. They are made using restaurant-grade ceramics that resist moisture and odors.

Certain original colors are still there
The company has been releasing dishware in a new color every year since 1936. Fiesta has been made in 40 colors at least. Some of the original colors that are still in circulation are turquoise, ivory, and cobalt blue. There are other shades which are updated versions of the original colors. Contemporary hues include peacock, plum, sunflower, and lapis.

Find complementary products
The company also manufactures tableware and cookware to complement the dinnerware. There are Fiesta flatware, linens, and glassware to set the table in sync. Since 2009, the company has started manufacturing mugs, bowls, square salad, dinner, and luncheon plates. The square outline has the signature concentric rings and coupe shape. Fiesta has non-stick cookware, including mini casseroles and Dutch ovens in classic colors.

Care for Fiesta Dinnerware
Fiesta dinnerware is sturdy but people should take care to avoid chipping of the product. They are microwave-freezer and dishwasher safe. Use wood or plastic tools while cooking in Fiesta crockery. The dishware must be washed with warm water and non abrasive detergent. One should never slice vegetables or fruits on the plate as the same can mar the surface. For flatware scuffs and gray marks, use gentle copper cleaner. In fact, the iconic Fiesta lady who is shown as a flamenco dancer on the box is made of a resin figurine in colors such as white, lilac, and persimmon.

People who own Fiesta dinnerware and cookware are very proud of their possession. Fiesta range of dinnerware is available on eBay and other websites as well.