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Welcoming new SUVs into the American market

Here are some of the top rated new SUVs that are carving niches for themselves in the compact and midsize SUV categories, offering interesting combinations of high performance, optional extra seating, large cargo hold volumes and trendy exterior body work.

These compact SUVs are also affordable for many as they are priced below the USD 30,000 line. And if buying a new SUV is still beyond the budget, try looking at used almost new SUVs that come at significant price discounts owing to the yearly depreciation.

Nissan’s Munro is a mid-sized SUV with neat interiors and a reasonably fuel efficient V6 engine. Its pricing is also competitive for a two-row SUV and offers a comfortable riding experience.

The Ford Edge scores with its provision of ample seating space and cargo hold volume. It has a fuel efficient base engine and offers between 17 and 21 miles per gallon for in city driving and between 24 and 29 miles per gallon on the highways. A host of safety features makes it score very highly on crash tests and it is also a reliable car for the relatively lower price band at which it is currently available.

With its infotainment system now upgraded to Apple Carplay and Android Auto, the Hyundai Tucson is a good performer in the compact SUV category. It also scored very high on safety measure tests and ease of handling.

In the three-row new SUV category, Santa Fe from Hyundai has a high powered V6 engine that can offer considerable acceleration to highway speed limits. The Sport variant seats up to five passengers in two rows, while the Santa Fe accommodates seven with ease.

A good family sized SUV that is spacious enough for three adults to sit on comfortably in the third row, the Honda Pilot, is a reliable model to consider among the new SUV crop. It can seat up to eight on plushly designed seats and offers a very comfortable, albeit slightly more expensive option.

Depending on the budget, these and so many newer SUVs are available now. The difficulty no longer lies in buying a car but in making a decision from the range available.