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Type of cushions to buy for outdoor wicker furniture

Outdoor wicker furniture can really look great if accessorized well. Wicker is not a material but it refers to the weaving process. Therefore, it can be made from natural as well as manufactured materials. Outdoor wicker furniture is usually made from synthetic materials such as vinyl or resins along with aluminum frames. This is why outdoor wicker furniture can be durable and tolerate different weather conditions.

Tips to Buy the Right Cushions for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • You can buy wicker chaise lounge cushions in contrasting colors or patterns to augment the outdoor décor in your house. You can use different bold shades for chaise lounges that are arranged side by side.
  • Another way to add contrast is by adding small pillows in different colors or patterns on the chaise lounges. If the chaise lounge is gray in color, you can buy red or pink cushions for a lovely contrast. Choose a contrast of stripes and polka dots, as in, white and red stripes for chaise lounge cushions and polka dots in same color combination for smaller pillows.
  • For wicker chairs, lounges and glider cushions use bright colors rather than lighter shades. Bright shades like blue, green or pink for outdoor chair cushions work well with both dark and light wicker furniture. But lighter shades do not complement gray or white wicker furniture that well.
  • You can also buy bright Sunbrella cushions for wicker furniture and include throw pillows as add-ons. If you want a less expensive fabric for your outdoor furniture, you can opt for PVC or cotton.
  • For outdoor bench cushions, you can also create seasonal themes. For spring and summer months, you can choose pastels and for fall and winter seasons, you can select yellow or orange shades. These hues work wonderfully with the usual wicker colors like dark browns, gray, and white.
  • For wicker rocking chair cushions in your patio, use of calming shades like pale blue or ivory can be ideal.

Cushions are important elements for any outdoor seating furniture. The style and pattern of the cushions can enliven even the drabbest of outdoor spaces.

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