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Top savings bank accounts

Opening a savings account is a wise financial decision that comes with several benefits. Listed below are some of the top savings bank accounts.

  • High yield savings accounts: This kind of a savings account can be obtained from the Synchrony Bank. It proves a high-interest savings rate which goes beyond the national average. A major benefit of opening a savings account in Synchrony Bank is that there is no minimum balance or monthly service fee. Also, making withdrawals using online banking methods, ATMs and phones are easy. There is also a provision for 24/7 online savings account management.
  • Barclay’s online savings account: This account also provides benefits similar to the ones provided by Synchrony Bank. In addition, this savings account also allows easy online transfers to and from other banks. This form of savings account provides amazing tools to help you save.
  • Alliant high rate savings account: Just like the other savings accounts, this savings account does not require any minimum balance or monthly fees. This account also has a provision for no maximum amount and one can deposit as much money as they like. The bank also provides easy access to 80,000+ surcharge-free ATMs. The bank allows fast and free transfers. Mobile deposits have also been made very easy. Just to get you started up on big savings, your bank account comes with a free $5.
  • High overall rate from BankPurely: This is one of the newest savings bank account options to be provided. It is available on the online bank of the Flushing Bank. The Flushing Bank is a bank in New York and has about 19 branches. The basic savings account can be opened with as little as $1 and one does not necessarily need to be in New York to open the account. The bank provides a rate of 1.30% APY, which currently happens to be the highest rate in the country. However, this bank has been named with caution, as many times new banks promise a high rate of interest to attract customers but end up reducing the rates later.