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Top 5 contact lenses brands to go for

Contact lenses are very much in demand these days because of their easy-to-carry nature and the personality enhancement they provide to the person wearing them. To augment your looks and to serve the purpose it is necessary to choose the right pair of contact lenses.

Here is a quick wrap-up on the top five contact lenses brand that you can trust with your eyes.

Cooper Biofinity XR
With various kinds of lenses available, Cooper Biofinity is the clear winner when it comes to high emmetropes. These lenses have a power range of negative (-) 20.00 to positive (+) 15.00. Patients with high emmetropes and astigmatism greater than 2.25D can trust and use this product.

This is a brand of contact lenses which has gained enormous popularity for its extended-wear lenses as well as multi-focal lenses. These lenses can be used on a daily basis without difficulty. They block almost 80%-95% of the UV rays which makes it a comfortable wear during the day time. It also provides 88% of oxygen available when the eyes are open which helps the eyes to breathe and stay healthy.

Bausch & Lomb
A reputed brand across the globe for contact lenses and other eye products, Bausch & Lomb ULTRA lenses has a broad range offering lenses from negative (-) 12.00 to Positive (+) 6. This is one of the best lenses to wear on an occasional basis, and the lenses have excellent moisture block technique to protect your eyes from drying out.

The multifocal lenses of this brand can be worn for six nights on a regular basis. These lenses come with a broad range of parameters with three powers (LO, MED, HIGH) and boast of clear and comfortable vision.

Dailies from Alcon
Alcon, a division of Novartis, caters everything that a contact lens wearer would wish for. The only water gradient model, the contact lens has silicone core sandwiched between the outer and inner layer. They are extremely breathable with 80% water content.

Eyes are very delicate and thus choosing the right lenses for your eyes becomes highly important.