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Tips to wear your jewelry elegantly

When it comes to making a fashion statement, women love getting everything right. If it’s your prom or your first date, you have to look perfect. Everything, right from the hair to the makeup to the jewelry and lastly, the dress, has to be in sync with each other. However, even if your uncut diamond chain is worth thousands of dollars, it doesn’t mean that it would look great with whatever your wear. There are certain jewelry etiquette to be followed, which would give you the poised diva look you aimed at. There are certain jewelry items that can be worn with your casual outfits and with your cocktail dresses alike. For instance, your diamond stud earrings suit the bill perfectly. But, this isn’t applicable with every jewelry.

You might love that crochet choker, but you need to know what to pair it with, here are some jewelry etiquette you need to follow.

The lesser the better- These days people prefer everything minimalistic. Gone are the days when you would see your favorite movie star on the red carpet, wearing diamond necklaces with diamond earrings and a matching bracelet. These days, you would see them sporting a very sober look. Nude lipstick, minimum makeup, and normal jewelry. You need to wear your jewelry in accordance to your attire. If your dress is dark in color and has shimmer, opt for lesser jewelry.

Simple yet stunning- There are individuals who love flaunting their big jewelry pieces. Everybody loves the honeycomb-like chain, but you cannot wear it with your fit and flare dress. You need something subtle. The secret of looking elegant is keeping your jewelry simple.

Stop playing “match”- Everyone has the tendency to wear jewelry that “matches” their attire. You must not wear an entire jewelry set just because it matches. Long earrings and a heavy necklace don’t go well together. Instead, either opt for the earrings alone and if you are very keen on wearing the necklace, pair it with studs or don’t wear earrings at all.

Adorn your arms carefully- Every woman loves their cocktail rings. The big lustrous rocks are a sight to behold and when you have them in your jewelry collection, you would obviously flaunt it. Freshly manicured nails make it more tempting to wearing these rings. However, take care that the color of your nails and your rings don’t clash. If it does, then the result would be quite garish.

The bottom line is, no matter how much you love all your jewelry, you simply cannot wear them without thinking of the total outfit. It has to go with the outfit and not match it. This mantra would help you wear your jewelry elegantly the next time.