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Tips to buy a reborn doll

It is easy to mistake a well-crafted reborn doll for a real baby. From the folds on their skin to their light blue veins, there is a lot of intricate detailing that goes into creating these dolls. Thus, as you can imagine, reborn baby dolls are available for sale at varying price bands. Some of the factors that influence the price of such a doll are the materials used to create it, the artist’s name and reputation and the realism of the doll. These dolls can be bought online through popular e-commerce sites, through an artist’s site or at fairs and conventions. Here are a few things to look out for when you see reborn baby dolls for sale.

Paint finish: Ideally your doll should have a matt finish and not look too shiny. Shine can be due to the paint being used, but can also be caused by using acetone to wash the dolls’ surface before painting it. Acetone not only gives the doll a shiny look, but also keeps the paint from adhering to the surface, thereby increasing the chances of it peeling off later. Excessive dye or the use of colored sand can make the doll look unnaturally dark and cause the paint to seep into the vinyl.

Proportions: Reborn dolls may be created out of an existing doll’s parts of a DIY kit. Either way, it is important that the doll uses all the original parts of the same doll or kit. In the case of it being crafted from an existing doll, this can influence the price of the doll as the limbs may have the artists’ signature on them. Thus, check the proportions of the limbs of the doll, along with its eyes and other removable parts.

Attention to detail: A good artist will look into minute details like the veins on the doll’s arms, the folds of her skin etc. When it comes to reborn dolls, the more the attention to detail, the higher the price.

Filling: Avoid investing in dolls that have been filled with sand. Over time, this sand can be lost through the fabric covered sections of the doll or interact with paint to make it seep into the vinyl. Thus, if you’re looking to buy a doll that looks just like a new born baby, pick one that is filled with glass beads, polyester or metal pellets that are known for their longevity.

Hair: Goat hair is acclaimed to be like human hair in terms of texture and hence is often preferred for these dolls. Ensure that the hair is sealed from inside the doll and does not have any chances of falling out. Also, pay attention to the scalp and look for hair that has been individually inserted so as to look more lifelike.

Lastly, look for the accessories that come along with your doll. Clothing that is handmade is often more expensive as compared to ready made clothes or machine-stitched clothes.