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Things to know if you own a english bulldog

If you are into stout, smushy faced pooches, then, English bulldogs are definitely a breed for you. They are medium sized dogs that are short and compact, with wide chest and small rear. Their large heads and chest are perfectly complimented by strong legs and front paws. Their large jaws with a comparatively smaller under bite might make them look intimidating but they are known for their gentle and friendly nature.

But before you adopt an English bulldog here are a couple of considerations and facts that you should be aware of

Food allergies
Most of the bulldogs suffer from some or the other kind of food allergies. Normal grocery store dog food might not go well with them, so be ready to spare extra attention towards your dog’s nutrition. Some common food allergies that dogs suffer from include ear inflammation, licking of paws, itchy skin, and chronic diarrhea. English bulldogs are usually allergic to grains, hence avoid them feeding them dog food that have grains as ingredients. They do well with proteinaceous foods such as lamb, pork or fish.

Tail Pockets
English bulldogs have tail pockets. Yes, literal pockets that are situated right beneath the tail and above their bum. These tail pockets can be as deep as ¾th length of your index finger. These tail pockets tend to collect filth and can get infected overtime. It is when the dogs will start showing discomfort due to infection which includes signs of scooting, drainage or foul smell. Do not use wet wipes to clean the pockets as they will trap the moisture inside the pocket. Use those cleansers that have drying agents which will help to keep the area dry.

Interdigital furuncle
It is commonly referred to as interdigital cyst. It occurs due to bacterial or fungal infection deep inside the hair follicle between the toes. These boils are in the form of lumps that form in the webbing of the foot. Some symptoms include frequent licking and biting of paws, redness and swelling of toes, and discharge of blood or pus. To avoid this condition, clean your dog’s toes with clean water and with them dry.

Wrinkle care
One of the most common traits of all English bulldogs are their wrinkles. It is one of the traits that makes them irresistibly adorable. As adorable as those wrinkles might look on them, they can make your dog vulnerable to inflammation, and yeasty or bacterial infections. This might lead to bigger health issues if left untreated. Maintain a routine of keeping the wrinkles clean with antiseptic soap and water. Wrinkles with yeast infection can be treated with antifungal wipes of miconazole or malacetic wipes.

Living with an English bulldog can be very rewarding, but only if you are willing to look after your dog’s particular needs.