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The SAS You Need This Spring!

SAS or San Antonio Shoemakers are famous for their handcrafted and comfortable footwear. In a market flooded by low-quality imports, the SAS Shoemakers still make all their shoes by hand in Texas. They are also known for community service and have donated over 14,000 shoes to those in need.
If you need shoes that bring in the old legacy of longevity and performance, SAS shoes fit the bill. They are stylish with beautiful finishes from their straps to the soles. This spring season, SAS has brought in vibrant colors for women and new styles for men.
SAS has ventured into handbags, belts, and other accessories. Below are some must-have Spring 2017 footwear for the best comfort and style.

Women’s Heather – Navy Multi-snake Sandals
This multi-color wedge is an ode to comfortable sandals. It features an elasticized buckle with a beautiful snake skin printed mid strap. The front strap is wide, offering maximum comfort.
The SAS sandals, as the website says, make walking feel like walking on pillows. These sandals come with cushioned insoles that make walking through the day painless. Unlike other footwear, the straps add to the comfort and durability of these sandals.
Pair them up with a matching handbag and a classy overcoat to finish your look with style!

Women’s Marina – Chevron/Turquoise Sandals
These handcrafted sandals are trendy and gorgeous. The cushioned insole absorbs shock while walking, despite the slightly raised heel. Women’s Marina sandals come in more than 7 color variants. They also come with side strap buckle that keeps the sandal snug on your feet.
The Tripad comfort also ensures that the balls of your feet do not feel excessive pressure while walking. Also, the strap is adjustable so you can easily wear these sandals. These handcrafted sandals are perfect for the summers and will lift you and your mood in an instant.

Men’s Ovation – Cinnamon Sandals
These SAS sandals are made for class and comfort. They come with a three point strap and buckle, keeping them snug through the day. The handmade insole offers support while walking and is contoured to take the shape of your feet.
The genuine leather makes these sandals polished and sophisticated. Wear them to a polo match or to a summer event and stay relaxed through the event. The design of the sandals don’t add pressure to your feet. Pair them up with a semi-casual ensemble and you are good to go!

Men’s Weekender – Sandstone Sandals
One of the trendiest new arrivals, these sandals are dapper and casual. The cushioned insole comes in a contrasting color and offers support at three points. You won’t feel the pinch of walking in shoes with this feature.
Sport them for a quick weekend getaway and feel like a celebrity. Choose from different colors available on the SAS website.
These are a few from the sassiest new Spring collections that SAS has to offer. Browse their product list and select more shoes and accessories too!