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The key features of a good video conference

Video conferences are a major part of an office culture in today’s scenario. With the majority of clients in other parts of the world, the best solution for effective communication is video conferencing. Video conferences are preferred over audio as they create an authentic human connection. These are more effective as they avoid chances of any miscommunication.
There are several video conferencing services that have the best of features to enable a smooth and fruitful conference. These features are helpful in making the best of the time spent online in the virtual conference room.

Recording The Call
This is one of the features provided by even the most basic provider. Either side of the conference can choose to record the call. This can be used to later review the meetings and come up with notes. However, it is advisable to inform the party before recording the call.

Real-time screen sharing
This is a very useful feature. This can help share graphs, sheets and other forms of presentations. This saves the time wasted in exchanging files. Besides, the real-time feature makes the presenting the data simpler.

Remote desktop control
This feature allows the company to show the process that is already streaming through real-time screen sharing. It allows a person to connect to the desktop of the person at the other end and use it as if it were in front of him. This makes a more convincing case to present to the clients.

This feature helps the company come to a decision quickly. It improves the conference room interaction. There will be no cross-talk and miscommunication while making important decisions.
It helps you gauge your audience. The feedback you received through polling can be effectively used to improve the calls.

Post call report
You can see the reports about your presentation. It consists of statistics that include the number of people on the call, when they logged off or if there were any problems. This can greatly help you improve.

Social media integration
This allows social media platforms to be included in your conference. The people in the conference have the option to log in or log off their accounts. This can be effectively used by companies that focus on social media marketing.

Security with end to end encryption
It is very important that all the information exchanged in a conference hall remains within the walls. This includes security in the established connection. Better encryption means better security. The minimum is 128-bit encryption. For companies that need higher security standards, they can choose higher encryption rates. There is a lot of information exchanged through the chat option present in the video conferencing service. They also allow personal chats which remain between the chosen few.

Cloud Storage
This option allows people to access information from the cloud directly. You need not go to your email or anywhere else to download the files.