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Sustainable development and Michelin Tires

Michelin Tires and their role in sustainable development

The entire world is heading towards sustainable development. Undoubtedly, we have scarred the planet, and there is no denying that we are the sole cause for everyday climate change. While it is imperative that every individual should imbibe the qualities of protecting the planet, it is the big industries that have already started making their mark on it. Michelin Tires, for example, have devised start of the art technology to use alternative energy in the production of tires.

One among their environmental management project was to erect a solar wall which replaced the heavy fuel dependency as a source of heat for the Waterville plant in Canada. Between 2005 and 2011, there has been a 20% drop in the carbon emission from all of the Group’s manufacturing industries. Implementation of best practices has naturally engaged Michelin Tires’ employees and associates to strive for this benchmark.

If one were to go further back in the timeline, Michelin Auto Tires had cared about sustainability even before the international standards were imposed on the tire industry. The introduction of radial tires (around 1946), which is now the most commonly used tire in the world – ensured the rolling resistance of tired by 30% and this figure further went to 20% by the year 1002, thanks to the Silica technology. Besides the quality of tires, determine the fuel efficiency of the cars and radial tires only proved to be the best in this.

Around 2012, the Michelin Energy E-V was made available for electric cars just to increase their performance. Even the waste materials are scrutinized impeccably to reduce the harm caused to the environment. Materials like scrap rubber, textile piles and metallic piles – the main waste products from the manufacture of tires are reintroduced back to the manufacturing process.

It is commendable on the part of Michelin tires and such other companies/ industries to take such huge leap forward towards protecting the planet. In the end, Michelin not only takes care of sustainable development, but they also remain world leaders in this industry providing the best of the tires!