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Common ways to treat and manage psoriasis

Psoriasis might not have a permanent treatment till date, it does respond positively to many topical and systemic therapies. There are conditions where psoriasis develops into psoriatic arthritis. People with severe psoriasis find relief with proper treatment. While psoriasis drug treatment involves administration of topical medication and systemic medication, UV light therapy is also used as an effective remedy for the condition. Topical treatments are applied directly to the affected area for local relief; systemic medication involves drugs that are taken by mouth in the form of pills or liquid. Similarly, exposure to a regular dose of UV light is what UV light therapy is all about.

Topical treatment of psoriasis involves a local application of psoriasis medication which makes the skin smooth. Doctors prescribe salicylic acid ointment which promotes shedding of psoriatic scales. However, over use may lead to increased absorption which may result in skin irritation and temporary hair loss. Steroid based creams are effective against psoriasis as they reduce the inflammation and relieve itching. They also shun the production of psoriatic cells. However, strong steroid based cream can cause burning, drying, and irritation of the skin. Medication involving calcipotriene in combination with corticosteroid cream works best for the treatment of psoriasis. Coal tar ointments stop the rapid growth of psoriatic cells but many have experienced side effects, especially pimple like rashes that affect the hair follicles.

Medication that involves a synthetic form of vitamin A also known as retinoid, can help in the psoriasis treatment. Regular exposure to sunlight is known to have helped many patients relieve the irritation caused by the psoriatic cells. Doctors recommend light therapy also as a psoriasis treatment. Narrow band UVB therapy works wonders for many patients and is less carcinogenic than PUVA which is again a light therapy. The Taltz Enbrel Otezla psoriasis treatment has also been found to be effective.

Oral medication or systemic medication for psoriasis is found effective when no other treatment works. It has been found that some medication affects the immune system. It is best to get the blood tested regularly when the patient is subjected to psoriasis drug treatment. Apart from medical treatments, many patients also benefit from natural treatments like exposure to sunlight and ocean water where the psoriasis treatment cost is nil. Many natural herbs have also been found useful.