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Onboarding arrangement for new employees

Employee onboarding arrangement is a procedure where a new employee is brought in and during the initial days of their job they are trained about the culture, the work and special other skills. Welcoming the new employee into their respective team and socializing them by doing small ice-breaking sessions and understanding the company’s process is ideally the onboarding process. They can get hands-on and theoretical knowledge of tools and a small knowledge transfer can be done by the team members and HR. The new employee onboarding process should be strategic and handled quite well in the initial days until they learn the process and be comfortable in the company which eventually ensures no attrition rate. Here’s how one may conduct the onboarding process:

  • Go through the application forms of all candidates in the organization and understand whom to filter out from the list.
  • From the filtered set, understand who could be rather effective with the work experience and attitude, as per their application.
  • Get the filtered candidates for an interview and ensure they shall be productive and happy employees.
  • On boarding is not orientation, onboarding includes paperwork and some other tasks that differ from employee to employee.
  • HR and middle management decide on keeping the boarded employee on the basis of the work and temperament.
  • If you want the new hires to retain in the company make them actively participate in different activities, make them have a strict and good first impression on boarding process that makes them stay for at least another three years.
  • Introduction to tools used, office culture and working hours, active planning, and socialization are all major on boarding tools used. In the country, around $10,000 are wasted every year on a poor onboarding process.
  • Lay a strong foundation. You can start the on boarding well before hiring an employee by giving them updates on your company culture and few exciting short videos about the work and people.
  • Have a good website for backup as every candidate before entering for a job checks the LinkedIn page and website. This broadcasts an employer perspective and well before orientation begins on boarding would have already begun.