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Maintenance of golf cart batteries

It is important to keep good care your golf cart batteries if you want it to last long. Given that fact that they come expensive, it becomes pertinent to maintain these batteries to cut down your expenses. Here a few ways by which you can keep your batteries in good conditions. Do not forget batteries are the heart of the golf carts.

Charge regularly
Some rechargeable golf batteries may need recharging after every use, while there are others that may need recharging once exhausted. This becomes the responsibility of the user to recharge their golf cart batteries as per the guidelines were written user manual.

Water the batteries
Always use distilled water for washing. One cardinal direction is never to overfill the unit due to the chance of battery to damage or corrode. Fill it only up to half-an-inch over the plates.

Clean connection and terminals
When you use your golf cart, there is a possibility that your connections and terminals can get dirty. Therefore, it becomes necessary to clean them. a cleansing brush is used to clean the dirt. In the case of acid, spray a little amount of baking soda and then rinse same with water.

Batteries can develop sulfate, which causes 80% of batteries to fail. Desulfation can prevent sulfate from building up. Also, it shortens the charging timings.

Storage of batteries
Finding a place to store the batteries is important.  Refer to a user manual guide to choose an ideal location for storing batteries. Generally, it is advisable that in winters you should store your batteries in warm place. Wherever place you choose, don’t forget to charge your batteries fully. It is recommended to charge your golf cart batteries once in a month. In summers, the batteries should be stored in a cool place. One should also keep checking the water level in this season, as batteries can dry pretty much fast. Charging the battery every month stays relevant for this season too.

Pay close attention to the maintenance, usage, and climate of your batteries to make sure they last longer.