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Latest advanced smartphone from Blu

Cell phones are not only the electronic gadgets that we use during our daily routine but also our closest companions in these modern days. We make use of the cell phones every now and then from the time we wake up till we go to bed. Some people also spend sleepless nights as they would be busy chatting with their loved ones.

Modern-day technology has revolutionized cell phones from instruments used for making and receiving calls to the technology-driven solutions that provide enormous ways to communicate with the rest of the world. Internet connectivity on cell phones and through cell phones would be another great game changer in the cell phone market. When we look online to buy a new cell phone, there would be a huge variety of options available. We need to choose what best suits our exact requirement and budget.

Among various brands that offer their latest models, the Blu advance 5.0 would be on top of the list because of its marvelous features. The most important feature of this smartphone is its beautiful design. At first look itself, we would fall in love with the metallic glossy finish on the front side along with a bright and clean screen that is designed for durability. Additionally, the leather-like finish on the battery cover at the backside makes it very easy to handle as the smartphone would not easily slip from the grip of our hands.

The smartphone is powered by latest Mediatek technology. It comes with an excellent 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. The processing speed allows easy multitasking with a fantastic lag-free experience.

A dual camera is another great advantage of this smart looking phone. For enthusiasts who like to share photographs and videos on social media regularly, a 5-megapixel camera would serve better to get pictures and videos that would be loved by the contacts as they would enjoy the clarity of the shoots and snaps due to the high resolution. Similarly, another 2-megapixel camera on the front side would be useful for talking to loved ones live during video calls and also for taking magnificent selfies.

The Blu Advance 5.0 is powered by an Android Version 5.1 operating system that would be compatible with all latest apps. Thus, the users would be able to experience fantastic speed while downloading different apps from Google Play Store.

Feather touch-sensitive screen with clear display, attractive black or white colors that appear fantastic and user-friendly switches and controls are some other benefits of this magnificent smartphone.

Thus, this latest smartphone has almost everything that frequent users would look for in a good-looking and well-functioning smartphone.