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Know about the Types of Snowblowers

A snowblower is a machine that helps remove snow from an area. During winters, heavy snowfall can hinder access to areas such as such as a sidewalk, driveway, stairs, etc. To help clear the snow off such areas, snowblowers need to be used. Snowblowers work on electricity as well as on gas. They come in different sizes ranging from small to large based on their capability to remove snow. All the snowblowers, basically make use of an auger, which is a set of rotating blades in the front of the snow blower; the auger helps to lift or collect the snow from the ground and then break it up into a finer powder that can be dispersed easily. Snowblowers are classified into various types depending on different features.

Types of snowblowers
The main types of snowblowers include single stage, two stage, and three stage snow blowers. These types are also classified as per the working principles of snowblowers.

Single-stage snowblower
Single-stage snowblowers are best for medium size areas, as they are lightweight and easier to handle. These snowblowers use the auger to lift the snow, then break it up and throw it up the chute in a single action. These are not suitable for clearing heavy snow but are most effective in narrow areas. Different types of single-stage snowblowers are as follows:

  • Single-stage corded snowblowers: This type of blowers uses electric supply to run and starts with the push of a button. They do not need much maintenance like other types of snow blowers, but they require an extension cord which makes it easier to move around.
  • Single-stage cordless snowblowers: This snowblower works on batteries and requires low maintenance. They are lightweight, more compact, portable, and can be used in wider areas.
  • Single-stage gas snowblowers: This type of snow blower offers good mobility as they do not require any cords. A gas snowblower can help clean larger areas.

Two-stage snowblowers
This type of snowblower is capable to clear snow, which is thicker than 8 inches. It has engine-driven wheels that help for a better cleaning of larger areas. This snowblower consists of an auger which collects snow, breaks it up, and discharges it through a chute by using an impeller fan. Two-stage machines make snow blowing easier than a single-stage snowblower.

Three-stage snowblowers
This snowblower has a similar operation to that of the two-stage model, the only difference is that the three-stage model has an accelerator that moves 10 times faster and clears heavy snow quickly.

There are numerous popular snowblower brands in the country, such as Ariens, Husqvarna, Snow Joe, Toro, Beast, Yard Machines, etc. You can choose the best according to your needs and budget.