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How to choose a musical instrument like guitar

If you have decided to play a musical instrument, but are confused about what instrument you should pick, then guitar can be the first right choice for you. It is quite common to observe that a considerable portion of musicians start their journeys by learning how to play a guitar, simply because of its unmatched charm and infectious energy.

If you haven’t heard of this term acoustic being tossed around in school, college, dinner parties, on television or social media, then my friend you’re officially an alien. But that’s highly unlikely. If you’re considering buying a guitar, you can start with an acoustic. As an acoustic solely depends on the vibration through the wooden body to create music, they are somewhat harder to control and play. You don’t have to necessarily play by the rules by learning an acoustic first, but if you do it will surely strengthen your basics.

They are further bifurcated into two categories, steel string acoustic guitars also simply referred as an acoustic and nylon string that is a classical guitar. The name itself explains the major difference, nylon strings will be gentler on your fingers, easier to get a hang of. But you might want to switch quickly to a steel string acoustic guitar, because of better sound and varied possibilities when it comes to composing.

Electric guitars, unlike the acoustic guitar generate music through magnetic pickups, which are further enhanced through the amplifiers connected to it. Electric guitars are easier to play than the acoustic guitars because of the lighter strings, smaller body and a narrower neck. But only consider beginning with an electric guitar, if you have a strong inclination towards music genres like heavy metal, grunge, R&B or hard rock. If you’re still a newbie exploring your musical journey then you should probably start with an acoustic, as it requires a lesser investment as compared to an electric one. Don’t fret, you can always switch later!

Subsequently, as you recognize your disposition towards a music genre, you can also try your hands on bass guitars. Usually these are 4 string (can also be 5 or 6) guitar instruments which plays music an octave lower than your usual guitar. A bass guitar might not be the hero of the band but it creates a crucial chemistry and balance along with the drummer. In short, a bassist is responsible for maintaining the harmony and consistent rhythm in the song. It wouldn’t be a bad idea after all to switch to a bass guitar. Again, it is crucial to consider the factor that you just need the passion and not the expertise in electric or acoustic to learn bass. So even if you happen to be a beginner, choosing bass will be a good idea as long as you’re zealous to learn.

In time, you’ll gain a strong musical, intuitive quality which can assist you to experiment with various other guitars such as semi acoustic, archtop, steel, double neck, twelve string and resonator. You just have to start with an instrument, and eventually play your way to the right one!