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Here’s a list of things you must do after buying a windows laptop

While getting a new gadget is always exciting, there is also a certain ambiguity to it, particularly for those who are not extremely tech-savvy. After all, everyone wishes to have a smooth experience on a new laptop without having to deal with privacy threats or performance issues.

You may just have bought your latest laptop or upgraded your existing one to Windows 10. Either way, there are a few simple things to do before you start using the device.

Top Things to do with new windows laptops

Windows update

Running an update is the first thing you should do on laptops with Windows. Open the Start menu, go to Settings > Update & Security. Next, click on the Check for Updates button to let those come through.

The new OS lets you choose which updates you wish to install, so you can go for things like only security updates, non-security updates, or both. It is a good idea to take the advice of an experienced person if this sounds too confusing to you.

Windows defender and privacy

You would want to have security software enabled for your laptops with Windows, and this is where Windows defender, the anti-malware application from Microsoft, comes in. although your system is likely to have this inbuilt, check if it is enabled. All you need to do is go to Update & Security, choose Windows Defender from the menu on the left, and switch the slider to On under Real-time Protection.

In addition, go to the Privacy Settings and choose to enable or disable Camera and other apps to your liking.

Start menu

Laptops with Windows feature live tiles on the Start Menu that have various shortcuts. You do not need to contend with whatever is already there. You can customize the options according to ones that you want and do not want, so you can just right click and Unpin from Start. Moreover, you can resize the tiles to your liking.

There are plenty of other things you can do such as setting up parental/user controls and uninstalling unwanted software on your Windows laptop. Once you customize your device to your liking, go ahead and try it out for a better experience.