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Fun activities to do before the end of summer

The start of summer vacation is something you look forward to throughout the year. However, as the days pass by, you tend to realize the vacation will soon be over and another year of school or college awaits you. The energy and enthusiasm at the start of summer go down as the holiday comes to an end.

Here is a list of things you must do before going back to school to cap off your vacation on a high and make the most of your relaxing summer.

Go for a hike
Go for a hike someplace nearby and explore nature. There is nothing better than finding the time to do things with your family and friends. A hike will give you plenty of time to communicate and reconnect with your loved ones. While you’re at it, have a bonfire in the woods and roast some delicious marshmallows.

Have a picnic
Beach, surf, sun, and sand! There’s nothing like the sound of waves crashing on white sands while you relax and enjoy a nice family lunch. Go and take a dip in the sea or get a tan. Make a sand fort while you are out there. And when all is said and done, sip on some refreshing lemonade to cool off and just laze on the beach. Don’t forget to take pictures for your summer activities scrapbook.

Hang out with friends
Sleepovers and pillow fights sound interesting, don’t they? Invite your friends over and play a game of monopoly or UNO. You can also watch a movie together while sipping some hot cocoa. Make the most of the sunny days by playing outdoors but don’t forget the sunscreen! Spend quality time with your friends before going back to school.

Volunteer for charity
It is a good idea to take time off and do some volunteer work during the vacation. It can be difficult to get time for this later when you go back to school or college at the start of the semester. Plan volunteer activities during the vacation, and spend your time and effort to accomplish a good deed for society.

Go shopping for supplies
Preparing for your first day of school is as important as planning different activities for the rest of your vacation. One of the most important activities includes going back to school shopping for essential supplies that you’ll need at the start of the first semester. Everyone will shop for the latest supplies from the back to school 2018 collection. You have to beat others in line to ensure that your favorite supplies don’t run out before you can get your hands on them.