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Dental insurance for seniors – Find the right one

Sink your teeth into finding the right dental insurance policy for you or your loved one now. It is never too late to be prepared for a contingency. The elderly, more than others, certainly need a thorough, all inclusive dental insurance to help take proper care of their oral health.

Tooth loss, gum disease, dry mouth, root decay, thrush and the need for dentures, apart from regular teeth cleaning and cavity filling are common complaints about the aging population. To take care of these and many other disorders, there are numerous dental insurance plans that you can invest in.

If spending as little as $16 US to about $66 US per month enables seniors to attend to their dental issues immediately, without a long waiting period, then that monthly expense is unquestionably worth it. Policies that have no bearing on the age or preexisting conditions of the insured senior person are abundantly available.

Here is a small list of highly recommended dental insurance companies that have advantageous and valuable policies for older adults –

  • Metlife
  • 1Dental
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • Humana
  • eHealth
  • Guardian
  • Careington
  • Ameritas and
  • Aetna

Orthodontia for cosmetic reasons is usually not part of regular dental insurance policies but if it is advised because of a prevailing medical condition, it will be considered for inclusion under an associated policy. Enquire about the policy’s annual cost, benefits and for which, and how much, services are covered. Explore and make an inquiry about what the waiting period is for major dental procedures or operations.

There is not a single plan that will have answer all your needs. While some plans insist that a portion of the bill amount is paid out of your own pocket, some plans may also have copays, or a flat fee paid to your dentist for each visit.

Like with any health advice, prevention is better than cure. Having routine dental check ups and cleaning schedules is vital. Susceptible to more frequent damage and decay, the elderly need the protection from dental insurance policies to pay for them. They deserve the peace of mind that comes with it.