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Brentwood Appliances are the ultimate modular solution

Brentwood Appliances is a company based out of Los Angeles, U.S.A. that sells top-notch kitchen appliances all over the world. It was established as a small outlet twenty-five years ago and is now a major brand in the market giving fierce competition to some of the established companies. The company has always abided by its motto of providing excellent quality products at a reasonable price primarily to serve the needs of small kitchen owners.

With an extensive range of best-in-class products, Brentwood Appliances successfully manages an enormous amount of inventory in California. Some of their featured products are enlisted below:

Contact Grill The TS-651 grill effortlessly roasts a sandwich or burger towering to any height. Now you don’t have to be afraid of adding multiple toppings because grilling is no longer a task with this Brentwood appliance. The extra large surface with stainless steel body and overheat protection ensures that the food item gets a crispy, golden brown finish.

Meat Grinder The MG-1800S is meant for sturdy, heavy-duty cooking and other activities such as chopping, grinding and processing. This versatile Brentwood appliance gives junk food a healthy transformation and is capable of tenderizing any item from meat to vegetables.

Egg Steamer The TS-1040S Brentwood appliance comes with seven exclusive trays of boiling multiple eggs to any level of hardness easily. Moreover, it allows you to cook omelets or poached and scrambled egg dishes in no time. The auto shut feature is characterized by a buzzer that sends a reminder to the cook and also ensures that overheating doesn’t take place.

Food Steamer This Brentwood appliance encompasses a double steamer that provides the versatility of steaming two separate food items simultaneously. It is a favorite among individuals who believe in healthy living and eating steamed vegetables. The food steamer is characterized by its boil dry protection and drip tray features.

Popcorn Maker If you are a sports enthusiast and also wish to indulge in some creativity in the kitchen, you will love this Brentwood appliance. Nothing beats the taste of plain, salted popcorn, especially while watching your favorite match on a lazy Sunday evening. It also saves you from the hassles of keeping separate trays since its lid itself serves the purpose of a bowl. The aesthetically beautiful appliance along with the aroma of freshly popped out popcorn is an absolute delight.

These unique Brentwood appliances have been specifically designed and engineered to make your life simple so that you can devote more time to your family while also serving deliciously cooked food. They are an affordable way to give the kitchen a quirky and distinct appeal that will be admired by everyone who visits your home.