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Benefits and drawbacks of cell phone use

These days, the cell phone has turned to be a human-like assistant and something that people cannot do without. Because of its high-end technology, it has been a great pal for people of all ages. We are in a country where the landlines have been replaced by mobile phones very easily. Till some extent, the gadget is simply the best and proves to be a boon “

it allows media to be sent at the click of a button and share it with anyone who is miles away, allows getting information within a quick span of time, etc. “ the possibilities are endless. However, it proves to be a bane too. Hence, it is a good idea to educate parents, guardians, teachers as well as children about this gadget. Listed below are the pros and cons of mobile phones.

Information: Cell phones, or smartphones these days, are indispensable to quickly fetch any location that one wants to know about or get to “ schools, shops, banks, ATMs, hospitals, and restaurants. One can plan their day by checking up on the daily weather condition.
Knowledge: Kids can fetch answers for any questions related to their school syllabus. A cell phone is a great learning gadget for children and elders alike, as one can acquire an abundance of knowledge through internet reading/eBooks. Parents can also lock certain applications or block certain websites as well.
Tracking: With the help of tracking application on smartphones, guardians and parents can track where their child or any senior person is traveling. This ensures the safety of the person.
Communication: the cell phone is the best communication instrument. If someone is separated by miles, they can experience what is happening on each side by video calls using in-built apps or apps that can be downloaded. The cell phone is one of the best ways to share information during emergency situations, as pay phones are becoming rare.
Paying bills: For those busy businessmen or working women, cell phones prove to be great for easily paying their electricity/ after and other bills online without having to visit their stores.

All smartphones are the internet compatible, and so children these days take cell phone without the concern of the school to pass over their exams. Hence, parents and teachers have to be strict with rules of usage.
Parents should understand the technology of the phone because children these days use the internet beyond the data limit and can increase the monthly usage of the internet plan. They tend to get addicted to games or sexual pictures/video. It is also important to take cell phones from them during their study time.
Adult and children these days are glued to cell phones with their mood of the game or the conversation and even end up skipping meals which later affects their health.

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