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Amazon’s new fire TV stick: what you can do with it?

Do you enjoy Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, HBO NOW, low-cost movie rentals, live and on-demand sports, music, photos, and games

Amazon has developed a new version of its popular Fire TV Stick, complete with their signature Alexa’ voice assistant. This USB-sized device has been revolutionizing how we consume video content, and this update takes things to the next level.

What is the amazon fire TV stick

The Fire TV Stick is a streaming media player. This means that it takes content from the Internet (videos, music, games, etc.) and displays it on your TV.
It is primarily a media streaming device that plugs into an HDTV and lets users access movies, TV shows, apps and games. Almost like a large pen drive, it comes with a quad-core processor and support for fast WiFi.
You now have easy access to all your favourite series, sit coms, movies, games and more. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a user friendly, cost efficient, streaming media stick that can be bought for under $50, from Amazon.

What Can Amazon’s Acclaimed Device Do

Slightly bigger than a pen drive, you can use this device for a number of purposes.
You Can Use It To Watch Videos
You can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, choose from a wide range of movies, watch a million videos from YouTube, enjoy your favourite sports channels, and much more. Streaming video content from the internet is the order of the day, and the Fire TV STick delivers.
You Can Listen To Your Favorite Music
With the Fire TV Stick, you have access to lots of music services as well. These include Amazon’s own Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.
You Can Play Games. No, Really.
You can choose from a list of the most popular games, both paid and unpaid.
You Can Access Information
If you need to know the latest headlines, weather reports, sports scores etc., you can do so using your Fire Stick. It gives you a wide range of information from the internet.

That’s Great. But What About The Cons
Well, there are a few drawbacks. For one, this device is Amazon-centric. Most of your content providers like Netflix and Hulu aren’t pre-installed. Also, there is no podcast app for the Fire TV Stick.

All Set To Buy Your Own Fire Stick?
If you liked this product, and plan on buying it, you can get it at a price of $39.99 at Amazon. All you need to do is order your product online; it will be shipped to you in a day’s time.