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How to reduce neck pain while sleeping

In most cases, we have woken up with a pain in the neck area. According to some scientific studies, at any given time, approximately 13 % of all Americans suffer from neck pain. More women than men suffer from pain in the neck area.

Neck pain often arises due to the inflammation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments in and around the cervical spine area. Muscle strain leading to muscle spasm occurs because of spinal stenosis, arthritis or disc degeneration. Muscle spasm can also be triggered by trauma such as one inflicted from a heavy blow.
Fortunately, there are several methods by which you can treat your neck pain.

Buy the right pillow: In many cases, your neck pain can be cured by just having the right pillow that adjusts itself according to the shape of your spine. It should be soft and firm.In absence of the right pillows for neck pain, the fine tissues, tendons and ligaments will continue to be compressed by your sleep patterns. This will lead to greater complications in future. Do not buy a pillow that is too high or low. A pillow that is too flat puts too much pressure on your neck.

Sleep on your back: If you have a chronic neck pain then try sleeping on your back. Some people put a pillow under each of your shoulders with the aim of reducing pressure on their spine. Others use a gently inclining bed to relieve pressure on their back. Doctors advise, however, to put a pillow under the knees if you are sleeping on your back. If you prefer sleeping on your side then buy a pillow that is between 4 to 6 inches in thickness. The height of the pillow should be sufficient in preventing the neck and head from bending over unnaturally.

Your computer monitor’s level: Many people get neck pain because the level of their computer monitors is not adjusted at the right level. Ideally, your gaze should lead horizontally to the center point of your computer monitor.

Avoid texting at acute angles: This being the cellular age, many people are hooked on to their mobile devices. If you text very often, then bring the mobile device to the level of your eye. Do not bend your neck too acutely. Initially, it may be a trifle uncomfortable, but in the overall interest of your neck and upper back, you must adhere to the right angle while texting.

Using a headset: Another way of eliminating neck pain is using a headset while speaking on your mobile device. This way, you do not have to bend your head sideways for long hours while speaking to the other party. Many mobile handset companies offer headsets as part of the package.

Drink adequate water: Yes, drinking sufficient water throughout the day keeps the neck vertebrae well hydrated. Water nourishes and hydrates the sponges-little discs that are situated between the various vertebrae.