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6 popular portable DVD players for a great movie experience

Portable DVD players are the best for travelers who wish to watch movies and have some entertainment on the go. Here are few portable DVD players for those movie lovers.

SYLVANIA is an excellent portable DVD player that great for watch movies and other DVD contents. It has a wide 7-inch screen that rotates up to 180 degrees. Sylvania SDVD1332 is a versatile player that has wonderful applications that play any format of movies and music CDs, DVD and MP3. It houses SD, USB card reader and a lithium polymer rechargeable battery, which is the best.

Naviskauto 12.5-Inch
Naviskauto 12.5inch media player weighs 4.3 pounds and plays both DVD and CD discs. It is a best portable DVD player to watch movies during road trips. It has an amazing screen resolution of 1366×768 that delivers a decent quality picture. Additionally, it had great speakers for an enjoyable experience and swivels 270 degrees, powerful battery that runs up to five hours with a single recharge and a USB/SD/MMC card reader slots.

Sony DVP-FX980
Sony DVP-FX980 has a 9-inch screen with full HD display. It player makes use of the rechargeable battery and a USB port for convenient usage. This portable player can retain the battery up to 4 hours. It also has a headphone slot that lets you listen without any disturbances. The interesting part is that is has a built-in application for subtitles. It is one quality portable DVD player that goes at an affordable price.

DBPOWER® 10.5-Inch
DBPOWER® is one of the best on the go DVD player with a 10.5-inch screen. It is compatible with almost all type of video formats and delivers an excellent visual experience without any jamming in-between. Therefore, you will never run into a situation of not being able to watch your favorite movies in a different format. In addition, it has an SD card reader, a USB port, car charger and has a battery life of three hours.

PyleHome Swivel looks pretty much like a traditional laptop with its 15-inch screen size. It may be one of the few portable DVD players with a large screen that swivels 270 degrees for comfortable viewing angles. It features a USB port, SD for audio and video playback, and a top-loading display.

It is a 10-inch portable DVD player with a full Swivel screen. The players have got an SD card reader, USB slot and come with a carrying bag and car mounting kit to easily attach it to your seat. It has an excellent battery life of 5 hours and plays almost all formats. Like any other device, it also swivels, and the package includes headphones and a remote controller.