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5 things to do with your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was hailed as the zenith of smartphone design and performance when it was launched in the market in 2016. Samsung did not compromise on either the design or the performance factor with the Samsung Galaxy S7 models. With one of the best camera, super-fast processor and complete resistance to dust and water; the Samsung Galaxy S7 provided users with what it means to own a complete phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the game changer that completely altered the perception of consumers about Samsung smartphones. The phone not only makes an unmatchable style statement but is also a great option if you want a phone that offers better performance without any compromise.

Given below are some easy-to-follow tricks to enhance the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.

Adapt for better sound output
One of the best features of the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone is the Adapt Sound function. This allows the users to customize their audio experience with a unique audio palette, thereby improving the sound quality of even an average headphone set. If you are a music lover or look forward to watching videos on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Adapt Sound feature is best suited for you.

Wallpaper Motion Effect
Back in 2013, Apple popularized what is known as the Parallax effect. Since then, a number of Android applications have tried to copy the same functionality with little success. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone this takes a whole new turn as you have the function built inside the device itself without any additional software.

Now, to activate the Wallpaper Motion on your S7 Edge smartphone, long-press your home screen and select Wallpapers. Then go to the Wallpaper Motion Effect and enjoy its effect on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone home screen.

Transfer apps to your SD Card
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers you additional storage space up to 200 GB on expandable storage. In order to move the applications to the SD card, simply go to the Settings then select Applications and then Applications Manager.

Now, you can see the applications installed on your Galaxy smartphone. For you to move the applications to the SD card, select the application then go to Storage and select Change. A message will be shown asking you to select the storage space and choose SD Card from there.

Log in with fingerprint
The internet browser that comes with your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a fingerprint authentication method for websites that need a password to login. If you are into heavy internet browsing then this feature will ensure that no one is able to access your financial or personal information without you. This is especially useful when you use the internet to carry out financial transactions to purchase a product or service.

In order to use your fingerprints, set up the fingerprint security by going to the phone settings then to lock screen and security, choose fingerprints. Once you are done registering the fingerprints, move to the Web Sign-in option. Now, the next time you use the web browser to sign to a secure site; the browser will ask for your permission to use fingerprint log in. Select “Yes, ” and you are good to go.

Scrolling screenshots
Samsung Galaxy phones have been credited with introducing the scrolling screenshot feature to android mobile market. This is an inventive way of taking the entire screen especially if you are reading an article or viewing a picture.

For you to take a scrolling screenshot, just press and hold the power and home button at the same time. This will capture a screenshot of whatever you are doing on your screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a powerhouse of a phone with spectacular specifications that are not just on paper but also show in performance.