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  • Best websites to buy cheap cell phones in the US

    The site that you are considering to buy your cheap cell phone from should be authentic. If you are looking for low-budget phones but desire to an incredible phone as well, then your search ends here at these sites.

    These sites put refurbished phones for selling; however, refurbished phones are not always the used phones. They could not be used legally again, hence sent back to the company, where they were cleaned and mended (if necessary) and then sent back to the sites for sale. They work as a new phone only but come at a cheaper price than the new ones.

    Here’s a list of sites to avail the cheap cell phones in the US:

    • Amazon: As the brand name claims, sell everything from A to Z; they have a category of phones that are refurbished in the electronics department. The best part is that they are listed here by high rated sellers, and if you desire to do some research or read their reviews, you can easily do it here.
    • Cellular country: It is an excellent site to buy refurbished phones by making comparisons. They sell refurbished, cheap phones with a guarantee and no shipping charges. They have categorized their phones based on their conditions.
    • This site has eBay refurbished ATT android phones department where you can buy refurbished phones with great assurance. They are the best sellers and charge no extra amount for shipping.
    • This site provides you with the reviews of previous consumers and helps you compare, so it is good option to reach out to them for buying the cell phones. They provide details about the seller and the product to keep you informed before making the purchase.
    • They ship your product within 24 hours, and that is not all they help with reviews of previous customers so that you are aware of the quality of the phones. They can provide phones at an unbeatable rate.

    Some other sites which are worth giving a try are Glyde,, Newegg,, and Verizon. Use them to buy your next cheap cell phone.

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  • Here’s how to choose the perfect mattress

    Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for our bodies especially in today’s fast-paced life. A good night’s sleep depends on various factors such as the room temperature, stress levels, comfort, etc. But most importantly, it depends on the quality of the mattress. A mattress can make or break your sound sleep. So how does one decide which mattress is the ‘perfect mattress’? If you’re looking at purchasing a new mattress or maybe looking for a sale mattress that is secondhand, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    A good mattress should last you at least 8-10 years, so it is advisable not to buy an extremely cheap mattress. When you buy an incredibly cheap mattress, you’re probably going to get a lower quality mattress which has lower durability and higher toxicity of the materials. Try looking for a mattress which is made of good durable quality (for example memory foam, inner coil or hybrid mattresses). These might cost slightly more than your budget but remember, a mattress is an investment. If you’re not sleeping well, you could be damaging your health in the long run.

    If you have hyper-sensitive skin and suffer from allergies, mattresses made from foam and latex would work best for you. Latex mattresses are generally priced at a higher end so try looking for a sale mattress at bed store seasonal sales. Both these materials are resistant to mold, fungus, dust mites and bed bugs. If you do however, opt for innerspring mattresses, ensure that you encase the mattress in an allergen-resistant cover. This helps to keep irritants at bay.

    Sleeping positions
    If you tend to sleep on your stomach, a memory foam mattress might not work for you as this will smother you during your sleep. Choose a dense innercoil mattress or latex mattress instead.
    If you sleep on your side, you’ll need a mattress which has a lot of ‘pressure relief’ on your joints. Memory foam, latex and inner spring mattress would work best for you. If you sleep on your back, mostly every mattress type would work for you but it is always advisable to have a slightly firm mattress when sleeping. You can choose a hybrid or inner coil mattress as these two are the most popular mattresses.

    Backbone and joint issues
    If you suffer from osteoporosis, spondylitis or general backaches and joint issues, you need to ensure your mattress is medium-firm and provides support to your body. The mattress needs to keep your back aligned while sleeping. It also needs to provide a relieving effect on the pressure points along your spine and joints. Do not go for an extremely firm mattress as this can further worsen your backache.It is important to know that the more massive you weigh, the firmer your mattress should be. Latex mattresses work well in such cases as well. These days, a lot of retailers allow the customers to order a mattress online on a trial basis and return it if they are unsatisfied with it. Since specifically designed mattresses for backache are generally expensive, try looking for a sale mattress during the season end sales to cut costs!

    If you weigh on the heavier side and/or suffer from obesity, inner coil and hybrid mattresses will work best for you. Inner coil, spring and hybrid mattresses provide more support as these are firm. Memory foam mattresses tend to get very warm which might not be pleasant for a more massive sleeper at night.

    So, the next time you’re out shopping for a mattress, do keep these points in mind because a good mattress is a good investment for your health. If you find these extremely expensive, ensure you buy sale mattresses during special offers and discounts.

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  • Health conditions that lead to transient ischemic attack

    A stroke that lasts for a temporary period without a permanent damage is known as a transient ischemic attack. This medical condition arises when the blood supply to the brain is blocked. Although the condition is for a temporary period, the symptoms are similar to that of a heart attack.

    Some of the symptoms of a transient ischemic attack include:

    • Dizziness and difficulty in walking
    • Numbness in the body. This happens especially to one of the sides of the body
    • Weakness
    • Trouble in the vision in one or both eyes
    • Loss of coordination

    Most of the time, a transient ischemic attack may last for an hour but in some of the cases may also extend to up to 24 hours. It is difficult to tell whether the person is experiencing a heart stroke or transient ischemic attack. So, it is highly advisable to seek medical attention immediately.

    Also known as a mini stroke, a transient ischemic attack is an alarm for future strokes or underlying heart problem. So, it is vital that we understand the health conditions that lead to a transient ischemic attack to avoid a heart stroke.

    High cholesterol
    A high rate of cholesterol would lead to plaque formation in the arteries, which in turn results in blood clots. It is important to reduce the consumption of trans fat, saturated fat, etc. and consult the doctor for prescribed medication.

    High blood pressure
    One of the causes of heart stroke is high blood pressure. Seeking medical help will assist you in targeting the right blood pressure with respect to the age, other diseases, etc.

    Cardiovascular disorders
    Cardiovascular diseases will include a heart failure, abnormal heart rate, etc. that may lead to a transient ischemic attack.

    High blood sugar
    It is observed that people with a high blood sugar or diabetes also have the risk of a transient ischemic attack. This is due to the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries, which blocks the blood flow.

    Excess weight
    Obesity can be one of the causes of a transient ischemic attack. It is therefore important to keep a check on the body weight and eat healthily.

    Lifestyle choices
    Some of the lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, cigarette smoking, heavy drinking, to name a few, can increase the risk of a transient ischemic attack.

    Keeping a check on daily diet and nutrition along with regular exercise can be helpful in dealing with these health risks.

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  • 5 cell phone plans that give you the best of everything

    Earlier, cell phone users were bound by two-year contracts with their carriers. The flipside of such contract-bound deals was that users were restricted from switching their carrier midway even if they experienced unsatisfactory service. Cell phone usage changes quite frequently. You must have assumed you are not a heavy data user and may have opted for a small data plan for your cell phone. Probably you needed more data later on, but there was no way to change your cell phone plan. Your service provider may have let you use extra data, but at an extra cost. The other way round was also true. You probably took up a huge data plan, only to realize later that you were a light data user. But you were stuck with your current plan for two years and there was no way out unless you shelled out a penalty to change your plan or carrier. Things, however, changed in 2013.

    In 2013, T-Mobile was one of the first major cell phone plan carriers to stop its two-year contract plans. Following this, all major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint dropped their two-year contract plans and started offering their best cell phone plans on an installment basis. This has been a win-win solution for the carriers as well as cell phone users. Carriers no longer have to cover the costs of expensive cell phone plan subsidies and users can take advantage of multiple perks such as low-cost best mobile plans, ability to switch cell phone plans without any penalties, more transparency in the billing, and the advantage of comparing multiple cell phone plans.

    With such benefits brought in by the carriers, the number of best cell phone plans in the market has been outstanding. Cell phone users have more options and flexibility to choose their cell phone plans. On the other, it has become quite overwhelming to decide which are the best cell phones deals in the market. To help users figure out the best wireless mobile plans for themselves, we have the best cell phone plans compared here. Read on to know more about some of the most popular and best cell phone service plans in the market:

    MetroPCS $30 Unlimited Plan
    This is one of the most affordable and best cell phone plans available from MetroPCS. There is no annual contract and the plan includes 2GB 4G LTE data with which users can stream 2 hours of videos, 100 hours of music, and surf social media for around 100 hours. The plan also includes a Scam ID, Wi-Fi calling, voice mail, and visual voicemail features.

    Cricket Wireless $55 Auto-pay Plan
    With $55 per month and data speeds of up to 3 Mbps, this is one of the best cell phone plans with unlimited data. With an auto-pay option, users get a $5 service credit each month and only have to pay $50 for the plan. The plan includes unlimited video and music streaming, unlimited downloads, unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages across the country.

    T-Mobile One Plan
    No best cell phone plans list is complete without mentioning T-Mobile One plan. This $40 per month plan for one line includes unlimited talk, text, and data along with streaming unlimited music and videos. The plan includes a Netflix subscription for 2-screen at no extra cost. There are no surprise fees as the $40 per month charge includes taxes and fees.

    AT&T Unlimited Enhanced Plans
    These plans from AT&T start at $40 per month for a single line with $160 for 4 lines. The plans include unlimited 4G LTE data, high definition video streaming, an HBO for life subscription, unlimited roaming in Mexico and Canada, and unlimited texting from the U.S to around 120 countries. Special military discounts are also available with these plans.

    Verizon Single Device Plans
    Users looking for easy and affordable single device plans can opt for these plans from Verizon. If a cell phone user has a basic phone, they can opt for a $30 per month plan that includes 500MB data and unlimited talking and texting. For tablet owners, there is the $10 per month plan with 1GB data and unlimited text and talk.

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